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American composer Bonnie Johansen-Werner writes classical and sacred music for voice, choirs, organ, and chamber ensembles. Ms. Johansen-Werner also teaches and performs on organ and piano. She is the organist for First United Methodist Church in Lockport, Illinois and serves as Adjunct Professor of Music Theory and Composition at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois where she also teaches sight-singing and ear training.

On the choral composition “Festival Psalm 150″….

“I love your pentatonic writing and your beautiful opening of the antiphonal women’s ensemble! [The] work is impressive!!!!! I especially like the refrain, the melody is still in my mind all the time. I was singing it when I brushed my teeth last night!”

Koi Hin Samuel Kwok, Director of Music Ministries,
First United Methodist Church, Iowa City

On the choral composition “Wit and Wisdom” ….

(mvt. 1) “The clever juxtapositions of extremes in range between each word of the text … made the work quite hilarious. …. (mvt. 4) I remember having the feeling that although the music was quite beautiful, there was a dark underpinning bubbling beneath the surface… Hats off to the composer for capturing the varieties of interpretation this text has assumed over the years. Johansen-Werner obviously has a great sense of humor, and these pieces were a joy to listen to.”

Composer Ralph Kendrick,
Iowa Composers Forum Newsletter,
December, 2003; vol. 2003:4

On her teaching ….

“You made me want to sing again. A million thank-you’s could never be enough!”

Natalie Turner, voice student, December, 2007

As a teacher Bonnie “strives to connect with her students, helps them develop strategies to improve, engages them with the history and trivia that make the music and composers relevant, and sets individual goals so each student can grow to his/her own potential.”

-from the parent of 2 elementary and high school piano students, November, 2007